Business to Business Lending

Getting the help you need for your business should never put you in a jam.

Hilldale Funding knows that banks and traditional lenders aren’t always known so much for rapid payouts. We can help you avoid taking the traditional route, which often entails waiting weeks or months to get results and your loan approved. Meanwhile, your competitors are leaving you in the dust while you’re at a standstill, waiting.

We Don’t Do Loans, We Do Relationships

Enter Hilldale Funding, one of the leading business funding companies setting up businesses of various sizes for success through responsible, practical, simple business lending. We provide our customers with reasonable monthly fees and no cost, no obligation loan proposals. We offer savings and value at every turn when it comes to the business to business lending process.

A No Business Left Behind Mentality

Through options like our Bank Only Program (ACH Funding) we provide business lending for non-merchants while other business funding companies insist that their customers accept credit cards in order to obtain their loan.

On the contrary, we base our approval process on gross deposits (made through your business checking account). We make sure that we give you a payment that allows your business to continue to operate in an optimized capacity.

Business lending might be a sore subject to some. That’s why we explore Poor Credit Financing. Hilldale prides itself on being able to deliver funding in any situation. Have you had a bankruptcy? Do you have sub-500 FICO scores? Do you have tax liens? Situations that cause red flags to go up for traditional lenders, we see those situations as opportunities to help.

Our process is simple!

What our clients are saying on

  • Samual Monte
    Outstanding customer support Alex F. Stays attentive during the whole process! Wouldn’t go anywhere else thanks again for helping my company secure the money it needed!
    Samual Monte
  • Access Diamond
    You never know what you might come across with a random internet search for "business funding options" however I was pleasantly surprised to have found Hilldale Funding. Communication with Alex and James was prompt, clear and as transparent as it comes. The whole process took far less time than we anticipated and we couldn't have been happier from start to finish. This is a top notch company to work with.
    Access Diamond
  • Engineering Allies
    The team of Hilldale Funding is very professional!! James is very knowledgeable about different kinds of funding available for your unique situation. He really made it fast and easier than I expected. Excellent service!
    Engineering Allies