Start-Up Loans

At Hilldale Funding, we understand that every business has to start somewhere, and start-ups deserve access to essential business funding as much as any other business. We offer start-up loans for any amount from $500 up to $750,000, with flexible loan terms of up to 25 years.

Every new business needs a leg-up to get started, and we understand how difficult it will be to make your mark in the industry without the funds necessary to purchase stock and equipment and hire the staff you need to get going.

Interest rates and loan repayment terms will vary depending on the loan amount you’re looking for and your individual circumstances, but at Hilldale we do our very best to give you the most convenient and affordable start-up loan, so you can concentrate on running your business without worrying about access to capital.

Small businesses traditionally found it difficult to secure funding because they were perceived as high risk.

But with the US Small Business Administration laying down a set of guidelines for SBA loans and guaranteeing a portion of each loan, small businesses are in a much better position today.

Whether you need to refinance your business debt, purchase machinery or materials or take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity, there is an SBA loan to suit your needs.

Created as part of a government program, SBA loans can require a reasonable amount of paperwork and can take 30 days or more for the funds to be available. But at Hilldale, we will walk you through every step of the process and make applying – and getting approved – for an SBA loan an easy and hassle-free process.

The Hilldale Difference

We look at things differently than traditional banks. As a reputable MCA provider, we pay attention to daily credit card receipts and gauge our merchant advances responsibly, scaling our loan proposals to suit your distinct needs. We set you up to make your next big move.

Our merchant cash advances are an excellent choice for a vast range of business owners. We purchase future receivables at our discount rate, which is what allows us to give you funding up-front – and we only take a small percentage of credit card sales. This ensures minimal effect on your day-to-day business operations.

Contact Hilldale today to get started. We’ll help you apply, get approved, and wire your funds to your account on the same day in most cases. We’re now powering businesses all over the country.