Advance Capital for Merchants and Businesses

For those who are thinking about a merchant cash advance for small business, it’s important to weigh your options. A Merchant Advance can often be a beneficial move for a business when done in a practical way, making sure said business responsibly takes only what it needs to move forward and take the next step.

Hilldale Funding is unlike most merchant advance companies because we make sure that our clients can achieve payback, and we make sure to keep monthly payments reasonable and within reach. We’re here to drive your business to new heights, not cripple your business under weighty monthly payments.

Merchant Advances at the Lowest Factor Rates

What we’re trying to say is, we provide the lowest rates as a leading cash advance merchant service, which helps businesses of varying scales fill temporary cash flow gaps and make purchases that will initiate new growth. We make sure you get your funding quickly – in most cases on the same day!

After 2009’s financial crisis, most banks have adopted unreasonable requirements — almost a one-to-one deposit to loan ratio! What that means is that in some scenarios you have to have as much cash on hand as you’re looking to borrow. It’s understandable that borrowers might have an adverse reaction. If you had the money in the bank already, well, you wouldn’t need to borrow it, would you? That’s why Hilldale Funding provides simple, easy, stress-free bank alternatives when it comes to merchant advances.

Reasons a person might consider a merchant cash advance for small business include:

  • Controlling Cash Flow
  • Adjusting to the Season (Slow or Peak)
  • Maintenance
  • Expansion
  • Building Credit
  • Increase Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, Hilldale Funding knows that sometimes businesses need a little help. But getting help should never put you in a bind as a result.

That’s why Hilldale Funding exists — to help people get out of jams. We’re here for people who need cash fast and feel like their options are limited. Since traditional lenders are notoriously slow in their processing and turnaround, taking the traditional route can often mean waiting weeks or even months. Who has that kind of time?

We don’t screen what you do with your merchant advance capital, either. You know what’s best for your business, so we leave that up to you.

No More Waiting Weeks or Months for Your Money

Waiting extended periods of time to figure out if you’ve been approved or not is a thing of the past. It’s time to think seriously about a merchant cash advance, which is a type of financing that enables customers to borrow against their future earnings. It’s a fast and pain-free way to get the cash you need – right at the moment you need it.

More on the Merchant Advance

Merchant cash advances benefit business owners who accept credit card transactions. A merchant cash advance (MCA) is technically not considered a loan, but is simply an advance that is based upon future revenue determined through credit card sales. MCAs are fast and easy – advances are generally wired to your account same day.

The Hilldale Funding Difference

We look at things differently than traditional banks. As a reputable MCA provider, we pay attention to daily credit card receipts and gauge our merchant advances responsibly, scaling our loan proposals to suit your distinct needs. We set you up to make your next big move.

Our merchant cash advances are an excellent choice for a vast range of business owners. We purchase future receivables at our discount rate, which is what allows us to give you funding up-front – and we only take a small percentage of credit card sales. This ensures minimal effect on your day-to-day business operations.

Contact Hilldale Funding today to get started. We’ll help you apply, get approved, and wire your funds to your account on the same day in most cases. We’re now powering businesses all over the country.

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  • Samual Monte
    Outstanding customer support Alex F. Stays attentive during the whole process! Wouldn’t go anywhere else thanks again for helping my company secure the money it needed!
    Samual Monte
  • Access Diamond
    You never know what you might come across with a random internet search for "business funding options" however I was pleasantly surprised to have found Hilldale Funding. Communication with Alex and James was prompt, clear and as transparent as it comes. The whole process took far less time than we anticipated and we couldn't have been happier from start to finish. This is a top notch company to work with.
    Access Diamond
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    The team of Hilldale Funding is very professional!! James is very knowledgeable about different kinds of funding available for your unique situation. He really made it fast and easier than I expected. Excellent service!
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